Human Rights Education in Cameroon

I worked with human rights educators via a local NGO called Help Out in Buea, South West Cameroon for four months in 2009, my placement was arranged via 2Way Development in London. We organised events in partnership with teachers, community groups and prisoners and focused on the priorities they chose: health, legal rights, employment, police behaviour and domestic violence. Cameroonian colleagues asked me to co-ordinate a collection of resources for use there. This handbook is a collation of existing materials and ideas and some new ones, download the Handbook for Human Rights Education.

‘Freedom is so much a part of the human makeup that it is not too far fetched to say that an un-free human being is in a sense a contradiction in terms…We are made to have freedom of expression, of association, of movement, the freedom to choose who will rule over us and how. This is what tyrants and unjust rulers have to contend with. Their unjust regimes ultimately fall because they seek to deny something that cannot be denied.’ (Archbishop Desmond Tutu)


Additional Resources and Information:

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