Identity and Belonging in the UK

In 2007 I developed a series of resources which address aspects of identity and belonging in the UK.  Some people see ‘identity’ as a code for ‘race’ and assume it’s always controversial but I wanted to show that identity includes: age, region, disability, sport, social class and gender.  And often it’s not an angst-ridden problem at all.  The materials include a section on the Partition of India since the partition was designed and implemented by the British government and is key to understanding a major immigration to the UK.  Some of the materials have discussion points.  You can add your own or use parts of the readings.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the research.


Identity and Belonging in the UK Resources:

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‘When you have a hand and you only have the separate fingers, it is easy for people to break the fingers. But when you put the fingers together it is difficult to break them. Let us come together and be one, let us be people of peace, let us be people of harmony.’ (Archbishop Desmond Tutu)


Additional Resources and Information:

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